The Most Effective Natural Detox Bath Recipes

No matter how careful we are, every one of us is exposed to toxins in many different ways. We are exposed to toxins through our environment, foods, drinks, medications and vaccinations, beauty products, cleaning products, and so on. Obviously we cannot avoid all toxins, but there are many ways in which we can detox and greatly reduce our exposure to toxins. Utilizing detox baths is one of the most important, effective and safest ways to detox.

Detoxing our bodies is crucial to our overall health and well-being, and will certainly leave you feeling refreshed, revived and replenished. When toxins build up within our bodies, it can and will cause a cascade of health issues including chronic diseases, illnesses, Depression, lethargy, fatigue, weak immune system functions, digestive issues, hormonal issues, brain fog, sleep issues, memory issues, learning disabilities, Allergies, skin problems including rashes and Acne, muscle weakness, vision problems, hearing problems, and many other issues as well.

Not only should all adults detox, but in fact our kids need detoxed as well. Detoxing at home is important in order to maintain optimal health, to prevent health issues, maintain optimal immune functions, flush the body’s systems, encourage better sleep, de-stress, and to help us to be able to focus better. It is often recommended to do a detox bath at least once a week (a minimum of once a month) for adults and children, and during times of illness, you can do them even more often to speed up the recovery time. Additionally, it’s crucial to address pressing concerns such as can cocaine kill you, ensuring a holistic approach to health and well-being. Finding the best rehab centre can provide essential support for those needing specialized care and recovery.

One mistake many people make when using detox baths, is that they forget to neutralize the chlorine in the bath water first. This is extremely important, otherwise you will be counteracting the detox process by allowing chlorine to be absorbed into your body. As you probably know, chlorine is a known toxin itself. If you have a whole house water filter this helps to a point, but I highly recommend reading our article on Natural Ways to Neutralize Chlorine and Reduce Other Toxins in Your bath Water.

Things to remember when doing a detox bath include:

  • Always maintain proper hydration before, during and after
  • Always use the hottest water (warm but not burning) possible for detox baths in order to open up the skins pores and to help you sweat
  • Soak for a minimum of thirty minutes and up to one hour
  • Always add essential oils to the salts first (never add them directly to the water to avoid absorbing too much at once)
  • Avoid using shampoos, conditioners, soaps and body washes while doing a detox bath
  • Always rinse off well when finished

Note: Some people tend to feel really tired and sometimes dizzy after a thorough detox bath. Therefore it is advised to do it before bed and to have someone home in case you feel too dizzy. It is typically due to dehydration or blood pressure issues, therefore always drink plenty of water before, during and after any form of detoxing.

Below we have shared the best essential oils to use and the best natural detox bath recipes to naturally detox the body.

 Detoxing Essential Oils

  • Lavender
  • Geranium
  • Sandalwood
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Frankincense
  • Ginger
  • Peppermint
  • Juniper Berry
  • Grapefruit
  • Mandarin
  • Wild Orange
  • Bergamot
  • Rosemary
  • Oregano
  • Laurel Leaf (Bay Leaf)
  • Lemon
  • Patchouli
  • Hyssop
  • Helichrysum
  • Fennel
  • Lemongrass

Note: Many of the essential oils that are used in detoxing are often not considered safe for children or people with certain health conditions due to their high potency. Therefore it is important to know which ones can be used and which ones to avoid. If you are really unsure, skip the oils as you will still reap many detoxing benefits from the other ingredients. If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, or have any health issues, it is always recommended to consult your doctor first.

Lavender Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil

Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper Berry, and Grapefruit Essential Oils

Bergamot & Rosemary Essential Oils

Oregano, Lemon, and Patchouli Essential Oils

Ylang Ylang, Mandarin, Wild Orange, and Laurel Leaf Essential Oils

Hyssop, Helichrysum, Fennel, and Lemongrass Essential Oils

Detox Bath Recipes

You may view and purchase many of these ingredients below if you wish.

Vitamin C Detox Bath

1/2-1 Tbs. Vitamin C Powder

1 c Baking Soda

1/2 C Epsom Salt

5-10 drops Detoxing Essential Oils

Mix essential oils in salt first. Add all ingredients to running water and wait at least five minutes before getting in. To learn how Vitamin C Powder and Baking Soda can help neutralize chlorine and other toxins in your bath water, please click HERE.

Vitamin C Powder, Baking Soda and Epsom Salt

Salt Detox Bath

1/4 c Himalayan or Sea Salt

1/4 c Epsom Salt

1/4 c Baking Soda

1/3 c Apple Cider Vinegar

10 drops Detoxing Essential Oils of your choice

Mix salts, essential oils and baking soda. Add to running water. Add apple cider vinegar once salts are dissolved.

Pink Himalayan Salt, Sea Salt, Baking Soda, and Apple Cider Vinegar

Calming Clay Detox Bath

1/2 c Bentonite Clay aka Indian Healing Clay or Aztec Clay

1/2-1 c Dead Sea Salt (if you can’t find it, just omit or use regular sea salt)

1/2 c Epsom Salt

5-10 drops of Lavender and Frankincense Essential Oils

Mix the salts with Essential Oils. Add to running water. Pre-mix the Bentonite Clay (only use glass or plastic bowls and utensils when using Bentonite Clay, never metal!) in a small amount of water to break up clumps, then add to the water. Many people prefer to stand in the tub of water, apply the clay to their whole body, let dry five minutes, then soak in the tub to increase the benefits.

Bentonite Clay, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Lavender Essential Oil, and Frankincense Essential Oil

Green Tea Detox Bath

5-10 Organic Green Tea Bags

1/2 c Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt

1/2-1 c Epsom Salt

1/2 c Bentonite Clay

5-10 drops of detoxing essential oils added to the salts

Add the Green Tea Bags to the bath as the water is running and allow them to steep for a minimum of 10 minutes before adding the rest of the ingredients. Mix salts and essential oils, add to the running water. Pre-mix the Bentonite Clay as instructed above, add to bath.

Green Tea Bags, Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, and Bentonite Clay

Oxygen Detox Bath

1 T Ginger Powder

2 c Hydrogen Peroxide

This one is simple, but very effective. Add both ingredients to a hot bath and soak. You can use fresh grated ginger in place of Ginger Powder if you’d like. This bath is also great for allergies, skin irritation, congestion, and is a great aid during illnesses. Many people like to drink Ginger Tea just before using this detox bath in order to enhance it’s detoxing benefits.

Ginger Powder, Fresh Ginger, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Ginger Tea

Clay Bath

1/2-1 c Bentonite Clay

1/2 c Epsom Salt

5-10 drops Detoxing Essential Oils

Another very simple yet effective detox bath recipe. Mix essential oils in salts, add to running water. Mix Bentonite Clay as directed above, add to bath.

Bentonite Clay and Epsom Salt

Mustard and Ginger Detox Bath

1/4 c Mustard Powder

1/4 c Ginger Powder or Fresh Ginger (grated)

1/4 c Baking Soda

2 c Epsom Salt

Mix all of the ingredients, add to running water and enjoy! Many people like to drink Ginger Tea right before this detox bath in order to enhance the detox and it’s benefits.

Mustard Powder, Ginger Powder, Fresh Ginger, Baking Soda, and Epsom Salt

Detoxing Milk Bath

1/2 c Powdered Milk, Powdered Goat Milk, or Powdered Coconut Milk

1/4 c Baking Soda

1/4 c Arrowroot Powder

5-10 drops Detoxing Essential Oils

Mix all ingredients and add to running water. Not only will this detox you, but it will moisturize, soothe skin irritations, and soften the skin.

Powdered Milk, Powdered Goat’s Milk, Powdered Coconut Milk, Baking Soda, and Arrowroot Powder

Although there are many different versions of detox baths, any of these are better than none at all! Try different ones until you find the one you feel works best for you and your body. Have you tried any of these? Please let us know your experiences with detox baths in the comments! As always, The Herb Forest thanks you!


The Most Effective Natural Detox Bath Recipes
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The Most Effective Natural Detox Bath Recipes
Detoxing our bodies is very important to living a healthier life. Discover the benefits of detoxing through natural bath recipes. There are many essential oils and natural products that you can add to your bath to effectively detox your body.
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